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From forest to frame, we utilise timber from our own woodland to manifest truly unique spaces. These buildings often combine traditional joinery and natural raw timber with cutting-edge eco-materials and insulations to create exceptional structures.
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Round Wood Buildings

A natural aesthetic, sustainably constructed with excellent thermal insulation.

Round wood timber building refers to a type of construction that uses whole or partially processed logs to create structures such as homes, cabins, and other buildings.


This method of building has been used for centuries, and it is still popular today due to its natural and rustic appeal, as well as its sustainability and durability.

Round wood timber buildings are constructed using logs that have been stripped of their bark. The logs can be left in their natural state or can be shaped to fit together using various techniques such as notching or dovetailing. The structures can also be built using a variety of methods including post and beam, log cabin, and timber frame.

In addition to their practical benefits, round wood timber buildings are also aesthetically pleasing, as the natural texture and color of the logs create a unique and rustic look. They are often used in rural or wilderness settings, but can also be found in urban areas where they provide a contrast to more modern architecture.

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Why use Roundwood?

Using Roundwood in its many different forms keeps the natural quality of the wood and utilises the existing shapes of the trees.

This can be used similarly to traditional timber framing with Roundwood joined together with mortise and tenon, to roundhouses with reciprocal roofs and log cabins.

Each method brings its own rustic-chic, along with the impact of an alternative construction technique.

Round wood buildings and cabins

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